Jennifer Bledsoe

Internal Communications Leader


About Me

Top-performing leader with extensive experience in Human Resource Management, Communications and Strategic Planning. Highly skilled in directing cross-functional teams through all facets of daily operations and change management, ensuring adherence to overarching strategies, policies, procedures and best practices. Cultivator of effective teams through mentoring, guidance, professional development and fostering employee engagement. Recognized for developing and implementing comprehensive communication strategies, global programs and models across manufacturing, retail, branch, call center, healthcare and franchises.

Select campaigns

Leaders Guide

Rollout Materials

"Your Voice" Survey materials, Goodyear

"Your Voice" Survey materials, ServiceMaster

Goodyear Blimp Christening

All in for the Cavs!

United Way Soapbox Derby

Akron Half-Marathon Volunteers

Service in Motion, ServiceMaster HR Branding

Breakthrough, St. Jude HR Branding

Hire Standards, ServiceMaster Referral Program

Leader Workbook

The Leader Workbook walked global leadership through our Roadmap during a kick-off leadership conference.

Cascade Powerpoint

Powerpoint designed to help leaders explain and cascade the Roadmap to regions/departments, allowing each team to develop action priorities specific to their roles.

Strategic Roadmap Launch Recap

Overview of the channels and tools used during the launch. Includes microsite, face-to-face meetings and resources available for downloading the Roadmap and background information in multiple languages.

Strategic Roadmap Leadership Videos

During the leadership conference, we captured more than 40 global leaders reacting to the Roadmap. These video compilations were used in rollout materials as well as available for download on the microsite.

Sample One: "Overall Impressions"

Sample Two: "A Fantastic Tool"

Employee Events

I love a great event! The opportunity to engage employees in new and different ways brings a great energy to any organization. Whether it was through providing recaps or creative videos, I always look for a way to memorialize or motivate.

Here are some of my favorites:

Goodyear Blimp Christening Intranet Recap

I managed an all employee welcome and private book signing event for our Wingfoot One "Blimp Christener" Robin Roberts, Co-anchor of ABC's Good Morning America

All in for the Cavs!

Akron is just a few miles down the road from Cleveland, OH and when LeBron James brought the playoffs back to Cleveland, we rallied Goodyear employees to show our support.

We also used video as a creative way to engage our employees. Both of these videos were repurposed for social content showing our employees' dedication to our community.

United Way Soapbox Derby

Akron Half-Marathon Volunteers

Associate Engagement Survey

HR Specific Materials

At both ServiceMaster and St. Jude, I had the opportunity to rethink the brand story for HR offerings to employees. For ServiceMaster, it was more focused on the look and feel of existing offerings. St. Jude, however wanted more of a connection to employees-- ensuring that they shared responsibility for their personal and professional goals.

Service in Motion, ServiceMaster HR Branding

Breakthrough, St. Jude HR Branding

One of my favorite program designs was for a simple employee referral program. Named "Hire Standards" the campaign used exaggerated images to grab employees attention (and bring in their best referrals).

Hire Standards, ServiceMaster Referral Program